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Friday, August 12, 2016

Powerful People Push I-11

The Arizona Daily Independent published an article by Albert Vetere Lannon called "Pima County Emails Show I-11 15 Million Dollar Fraud" outlining the involvement of various private parties in pushing for the Sonoran Corridor and Avra Valley highway in relation to the Interstate 11.

Originally listed as a segment of I-11 on Pima County maps by the Administrator’s office, the Sonoran Corridor is intended to benefit Raytheon, Tucson International Airport, and the University of Arizona Tech Park. It could do that with a pretty straight east-west line connecting I-10 and I-19 east of I-19. The chosen route, however, drops south to benefit “heavy hitter” Don Diamond’s planned 3000-acre Swan Southlands development, and then goes west to connect with Huckelberry’s Avra Valley highway. That route covers over 1500 acres owned by Mesa real estate speculator, and failed political candidate, Wilford Cardon. Critics call the curious benefits for the two millionaires “crony capitalism” and note that such gifts to private persons or companies are illegal...

What the record shows is a clique of Pima County staff, mainly based in County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s office, working with private business organizations, political appointees, lobbyists, and cronies to shape public policy in Pima County and beyond...
Many of these people are the same ones putting tens of thousands of dollars into election campaigns, whether for the defeated bond measures or for their candidates for the Board of Supervisors, both Democrat and Republican. 
Lannon discussed some of this last year in Pima County Bonds: It's a Small World and a couple months ago in Southern Arizona interstate 11 environmental impact study begins. There are a lot of these types of connections to be made. 

John McCain played a major role in the southern portion of I-11 being designated a high priority corridor and putting it in the position to receive federal financing.

McCain's 2016 Financing Committee includes Don Diamond and members of the I-11 Coalition including Steve Betts, Jerry Colangelo, Dave Berry, and Sharon Harper. Others on the committee have an interest in I-11 as well.

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  1. This is part and parcel NAFTA. In Utah, the road is already under construction with the federal funds which out own Federal Legislators allocated by voting for the Fast Track. 23 states voted opposition to it in 2009, but the hidden government continues to put forth their plan to open mexican/Canadian borders making this just 1 big continent. Surprised?